LEECH: The Medicaid



The Trematore claim to best understand the deep mysteries of the Leeches, because they study and embody parasitism in all its forms. They hold themselves somewhat aloof from the others, and force the rest to send patients to the Trematore when they want to use any medication stronger than placebo strength. In theory, it should be possible for anyone to grasp the mysteries of pharmacology, but through a complicated system of abbreviations and bad handwriting, the Trematore keep their secrets close. In this manner, they thrive off the Leech community in much the same way that Leeches thrive off of society.

The Trematore are an odd lot indeed. Specifically, there were originally three of them, and ever since, they've always been careful to induct members in pairs...thereby maintaining an odd total. There are currently 3,457,013 registered members of the Trematore, and the registry has never, in their entire history, ended with an even number. Even should a member die, his name isn't removed until either another has also passed on, or a replacement has been found. No one knows why this is.

Appearance: The Trematore take pains to be the most professional looking. Many laymen don't consider them exactly part of the medical community, and as a backlash to this, they're the most likely to wear a white coat at all times.

Heaven: Most Trematore long for a world in which they can put more of their wares in the water supply, for the betterment of all.

Background: Only the most analytical and disciplined of students are chosen for the Trematore. It must be someone who can both learn the arcane art of prescription medication, yet someone who can be trusted to keep the faith and not tell anyone else. They're usually already disliked by their fellow students as snobbish know-it-alls, and the Trematore masters do nothing to dissuade this image.

Genesis Guidelines: Abutement and Springers are common, as are Imposts who offer fellow Leeches discounts on quality stimulants. Brainy and Friendly attriboats are sought after, along with Skulls or Gnawledges.

Plan Kiss-Up Lines: Pretense, Partyin', Pharmacurgy

Weak Kneesies: It's a deeply held secret, but what really makes the Trematore teary-eyed is to be included in the parties. Really, they just want to be accepted. 'Course, they'd never admit that.

Organ Donation: Pfaugh.

Quote: "Well, yes, it would seem that ten milligrams of dextromethadrone would do what you need, but I'd actually recommend six furlongs of alphahydrocordazone and a dram of phenyleneethylmethamphetaminaphin hydroxylate."

Stereotypes: They usually have easy listening music piped in to their stores, and some extend this practice to their homes, or spend hours riding up and down in elevators.

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