LEECH: The Medicaid



The Torporador excel in anesthesia, and deal with patients in a coma. Comatose patients are just great. Stick an IV in 'em and send their family a bill every week. Once the family stops visiting, the nurses don't even have to waste time on them anymore. Heck, you can pretty much dump the so-called patient out with the trash and put a mannequin in the bed...who's going to know?

The Torporador tend to be rather lazy themselves, looking for the most effect from the least work. They're still all abuzz over the invention of the TV remote. If they have to do anything more than straight anesthesia, they usually have their nurse handle everything and then come by afterwards to `check up' on the work.

Of all the Plans, they're probably the least likely to sample their own wares. Opium dens are all well and good, but anything else is too much work. They can't fathom what it is about this new "non-drowsy formula" rage. Puh-leeze.

Appearance: Few Torporador really care. Unbrushed hair and untucked shirts are the norm. Mismatched socks are common, too. Many develop a kind of lazy saunter that looks very `cool', though.

Heaven: Ah, for a soft, feathery bed with a warm blanket and fluffy pillows. A 200" screen TV with cable would be a nice touch, too, and someone to peel grapes...

Background: Torporador are most often the rich kids of the Leech profession; the ones who got into med school due to their parents' influence, got THROUGH med school on their parents' influence, and will probably coast on that for some time to come.

Genesis Guidelines: Common Arch types include Voussoir, Keystone, and Extrados. Occasionally Springers, when they can use that to make other people do all the work. Friendly Attriboats are good to keep people from killing them. Backrubs are likely to include Frame, Insurance, and certainly Genter.

Plan Kiss-Up Lines: Patients, Domicile, Celebrity

Weak Kneesies: Pretty baubles, get rich quick schemes, and new energy-saving gadgets are the best ways to turn off the average Torporador's mind and get him to go along without thinking.

Organ Donation: Hey, once you're dead, who cares, right? Let the vultures have it. The Torporador can be very giving of things they're not using anymore.

Quote: "Hey, look, I've got the cable, track lighting, stereo, and microwave all patched in to this one remote. Now, um, where'd it go?"

Stereotypes: Whole systems with radio, 8-track, reel-to-reel, record player, tape deck, CD player, DVD player...just as long as it's all automated and easy to use. Or if you have servants to do it. A live jazz band is cool, too.

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