LEECH: The Medicaid

The Plans

Well, now that you've looked over all the options and have an idea what you want (and if you're planning to play a Leech, you'd better want it ALL)...it's time for me to lay down the Law. (I love doing this to people..<snyker>)

I warned you that your choice of Plan would limit a few other options. Mostly, it determines what Kiss-Up Lines you might have; each Plan has specialized in just a couple, to hone them to their finest. However, as they also tend to recruit from specific areas of society, it also comes with a whole heap of helpful `suggestions' about your character's personality, what you should look like, how to spend your points, even what kind of radio you listen to...after a while, you may start to wonder why we're still calling it "your" character. You might as well tattoo your Plan on your forehead. But, have no fear! That whole `recruitment' thing is cheap logic, so feel free to ignore it. I do.


MIDWIFFS don't get a write-up, because the cheap recruitment logic doesn't apply. Make up whatever you want, pick whatever Kiss-Up Lines you want, and live with the consequences.

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Left will explain Spurs, Humming, and Bondage. Really.
Right will further your knowledge of Kiss-Up Lines.