LEECH: The Medicaid


The creation of your Leech should begin with some idea who your character will be. The Leeches, at least according to myth, exist according to some Plan; which aspect of this Plan you work for is the first major decision...and it IS major. Your Plan will limit many of the choices coming up, so before choosing, you'll want to check out the detailed descriptions of each. The Plans are:


Ostracized by the rest of the profession, these hideous creatures keep the rest in business.


Perhaps the best understanding of what it is to be a Leech, these specialize in parasitism.


The dentists and administrators.

Experts in extreme conditions and tissue death.


Anesthesiologists and the ones who get comatose patients.


Dealers primarily in swelling, infections, and inflammations, whether treating or doling out.


The most "out front" of the Leeches, this Plan dabbles in the latest techniques, often before they're approved.


The Midwiffs are not technically part of the Plan, but often provide more real help to their patients. Generally despised by the rest of the Plans.

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