LEECH: The Medicaid



The Gangrene are the extremophiles of the Leeches. Their formal specialty is in tissue death, but they really shine in the extreme environments. Be it arctic cold, the heat of death valley, or the inside of a nuclear reactor, the Gangrene will be there. This often includes high speeds, Hollywood parties, and bungee-jumping, too.

They're also the loners of the Plans. As the only ones willing, let alone inclined, to leave their plush offices and cushy labs, the Gangrene travel to the outlying regions. This Plan is the most likely to have a member acting as the only doctor for a small town, or even travelling circuit for an entire region. Hence, this Plan extends the conspiracy of health care to places that otherwise might come to rely on the Midwiffs, or similar ruffians inclined to do something that just works well over the latest and greatest new procedure.

If the stories are to be believed, this is the oldest of the Clans, and descended directly from the Neanderthals. Of course, if stories are to be believed, a lot of dragons have been slain by third princes, there's a lamp out there that'll grant you three wishes, and Strom Thurmond is an upstanding citizen. So you clearly can't believe stories.

They tend to be an irrepressible, irresponsible group, not much given to following directions or staying with a group when something catches their eye.

Appearance: The Gangrene generally dress to match their surroundings, so one in a snowy area will wear white, while one in a forest will wear a lot of camouflage fatigues. They're better at matching scenery than society, being often quite rusty when it comes to etiquette and mannerisms.

Heaven: This Plan's utopia would be a place of no moderation and no compromise, with everything as an all-or-nothing proposition.

Background: They often start out from the Peace Corps, or with other such aspirations of bringing health and happiness to the world. Others are just maniacs out for the ever-more-elusive rush. Old Gangrene will sponsor young Leeches who show the ability to thrive in extremes - it is to test for this that Finals Week was created.

Genesis Guidelines: Abutement, Extrados, and sometimes Intrados are common Arch types. Fizzy or Friendly attriboats are handy. Frequent Backrubs might be Generosity or Insurance.

Plan Kiss-Up Lines: Partyin', Patients, Animosity

Weak Kneesies: The Gangrene, as a lot, lust after buxom redheads, but who doesn't? They like to keep tanned and fit, and it's whispered that some of them take, er, animal husbandry a little far.

Organ Donation: Gangrene are almost always willing to give themselves to science, but are rarely in any condition to be much use by the time they're available. In the meantime, they can be either very generous or absolutely miserly, with, of course, few in betweens.

Quote: "Whoa, man, look at this! I've been holding this stick of nitrogen for about a minute now, and my hand's turning -black-. Cool, huh?"

Stereotypes: Walkman, with a portable case of their favorite CDs. When they get tired of one, they'll throw it out the window on the side of the road and pick up a new one at the next town.

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