LEECH: The Medicaid


Nickname:"Drill Sergeants"

The Dentrue are most often seen as dentists, in which capacity they believe strongly in good taste and healthy teeth. Admittedly, that fluoride gunk they call "cherry flavored" isn't, but at least they tried. They're less often seen, but more often present, as the secret masters of Leechdom, in the administration halls. When asked what the connection is, they just give one of their patented (literally) smiles and explain that getting funding for their hospital is like pulling teeth.

While the Malpractivans have a few definite horror stories, the Dentrue are more commonly known as sadists and control freaks. It doesn't do to cross them, because sooner or later, everyone goes under their drills. Knowing this impetus full well, they have a tendency to casually refer to drilling when they don't feel they're getting the cooperation they need. Dropping out-of-context comments about the oil industry, for example, is a secret signal to other Leeches to get cracking.

Appearance: The Dentrue are the most business like of the Plans, usually foregoing a traditional doctors outfit for something more like a tailored suit. They're almost invariably immaculate; hair combed, tie straight, clothes ironed. Many see this as just another sign of their anal retentive nature.

Heaven: Nothing pretentious. Just a nice, corner office, on the top floor, and the Dentrue are happy. A large oak desk isn't too much to ask. Preferably with nothing on it to mar the perfection of its surface.

Background: They're the most nepotistic of the Plans; many Dentrue are related to other, senior Dentrue. To combat this impression without having to actually give up the reality, they do little to aid one another after sponsoring their relatives into the Plan.

Genesis Guidelines: Springer, Pier, Impost, and Intrados are the common Arch types. Brainy Attriboats are probably the most common...Friendly would be awfully useful, but just doesn't seem to happen much. Backrubs could be anything, but they're thought of for Tee-Timers and STATs.

Plan Kiss-Up Lines: Domicile, Obsequate, Pretense

Weak Kneesies: Lollipops. Oh, they know it's bad for you, but there hasn't been a Dentrue born who wasn't a sucker for a sucker.

Organ Donation: Absolutely. To a man. They do it to lead by example, and, of course, because the accounting all works out better.

Quote: "Ah ha, ha. Indeed. Quite amusing. Well, now that we have this little display of wit out of our systems, perhaps you could aid Dr. Taltos in his studies? You know the drill, I'm sure."

Stereotypes: State-of-the-art, only. When CDs came out, most of the Dentrue threw away their tape players. The whole system is probably set into the wall, hidden behind oak paneling, just like the liquor cabinet.

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