LEECH: The Medicaid



The Buboha are as nasty a bunch as you're ever likely to meet, on the whole. They got their start as the enforcement wing of the Plan, back in those sad days of yore when doctors occasionally had to provide care to bleeding patients WITHOUT spending an hour running a credit check FIRST. Often, they would find out only later that their patient simply hadn't the money...and in most countries, found also that it was illegal to just re-open their wounds, re-break their limbs, re-infect them with whatever disease may have been cured, etc.

So the Buboha came together to visit such difficulties at night, or in an alley somewhere, or sometimes to stop by and have a little `chat' with the patient's loved ones instead. After just one of these visits, most such patients would either find a way to pay up, or flee the country.

In more modern times, where civilized countries no longer require doctors to take such risks and put financial considerations before open arteries, the Buboha have felt themselves becoming obsolete. The number of 220-pound doctors named "Guido" has dropped nearly 40% in the last twenty years. As a result, the Plan as a whole has become somewhat fragmented within itself. Some rebel against this, striking out violently. Others have turned their studies of bruises and swellings to more mainstream uses, like tax collection.

Appearance: On the job, the Buboha favor leather clothing and ski masks, or at least a stocking over the head. Off duty, it's usually just the leather. Those working in hospitals usually have to dress in the usual hospital uniform, but may still insist on accessories such as body piercings or tattoos. (Tattoos are very popular with the Buboha). A white leather lab coat, though expensive, is very much in vogue.

Heaven: The Buboha idea of paradise is Chicago in the 20's. Tommyguns and kneecappers, and the ability to properly take care of those who go into inadvisable debts.

Background: Buboha are usually lower-class bruisers who got into med school on a `social engineering' scholarship, or Sicilians, about whom nuff said. Often two or more brothers from the same family go into school together with this attitude, and usually quickly gain a reputation as "pricks". It is a tradition among those of this Plan that if one calls out for help, any others around will gather to kick him while he's down, laughing and jeering, and probably dress him up in women's underwear and make him take out the garbage for a week...but first, they'll deal with whatever outsider was messing with one of their own.

Genesis Guidelines: Abutement, Voussoir, and Pier are favored Arch types. Fizzy attriboats usually get a good go ahead, while their most common Backrubs are Con-Tracts, Frame, and Remorses.

Plan Kiss-Up Lines: Animosity, Auspice, Attitude

Weak Kneesies: The Buboha just go weak at the knees for anything leather, especially if it's clothing with a very, very tight fit. Brass is also much sought-after, especially around the knuckles. Many of them have a collection of what they call `paperweights', consisting of things that would be wildly illegal if they called them `weapons'.

Organ Donation: This Plan doesn't tend to play well with others. They usually hoard their resources, not even letting others know what they have except in a real emergency.

Quote: "Hey, boss, youse wants I should take 'im out back and en-quire as to 'is activities 'ere?"

Stereotypes: Car stereos, with concert-sized speakers in the back seat.

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