LEECH: The Medicaid

With that settled, you get to choose what's referred to as your "arch type". You see, the Leech's are very well organized, if far from cooperative. But in the beginning, this wasn't the case. No, back in antiquity, they were organized even worse than these rules. Then, sometime during the Renaissance, a young architect named Nathanial Andrew d'Manor (Nat 'Drew d'Manor, to his friends) was indoctrinated. He came up with a system of classifying Leeches and of organizing their operations, all based around arch building...so, these days, every Leech must select an Arch Type. Actually, what you pick is what part of an Arch you'd most like to be, as per;

Support staff. Not technically OF the profession, Abutements are the janitors, procurement officers, and sometimes administrators...
The person really in charge, but not the one in the spotlight. Powers behind the thrones, Springers are excellent at giving direction without showing themselves as noticeably different from anyone else.
The people Springers are in charge of. Voussoirs are the `extras' of the medical profession - the bulk of the people, but rarely noticed. A good choice for Leeches who don't want too much attention - Nosoferous often find this useful.
Not like the Kops; the Keystone is at the summit of Voussoirdom. These are usually the surgeons and head doctors, at the center of the action the Springers direct.
The Extrados are on the outer curve of things - mostly the spokesmen for the profession, and not necessarily real `performers'.
The inverse of the Extrados, though they can be difficult to tell apart. The Pier put up the walls against the press, blocking access and view to the information the Leeches don't want becoming public knowledge by whatever means necessary.
The Impost is the motivational force - the pep squad, as it were, or perhaps more like a congressional Whip; the Springers use Imposts to get the Voussoir's moving. Some Imposts take the saccharine-sweet approach of offering rewards, while others find that bad for the teeth and prefer the harsh rulership of fear.
On the inside track, the Intrados shun public contact and do the things the Pier work so hard to hide - the worst of animal, and sometimes even human, testing is done by the Intrados, as is most of the accounting.

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