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PRESTIDIGITATOR: The Unpronounceable:

As devoted readers know, the site is way long past overdue for changes... and, well, it will hopefully be replaced with a better organized, complete with table of contents / index. Sample characters and adventures are currently in the works, but there is no scheduled publication date for them.

We will be producing our first Prestidigitator adventure (tentatively titled: "The X-Flies") soon. How soon? Um, soon.

The SITE is: www.mortijingle.com/presto/

WEARRUG: The HairPiece:

Version One is finished, and is available on the web. This telling tale of dumpy balding guys and their sometimes unusual abilities is a complete parody of White Wolf's furry game.

Our first WearRug adventure (tentatively titled "Three Men and Rosemary's Baby") was being scheduled for the October issue of JNM(mnj). Tragically, that's not going to happen for a while, still.

The SITE is: www.mortijingle.com/wearrug/

LEECH: The Medicaid:

Wow! It's up! It's just not...polished yet. We'll split it into shorter pages when we have time, thankyouverymuch. We have to work for a living, you know.

The SITE is: www.mortijingle.com/leech/


Currently in the works are MARS MAGICA, and Marauding Leftovers Advanced. WREATH: The Ornament, and FAIRY: The Limpwristed are being pushed back temporarily for additional development. We are also hoping to have a PRESTIDIGITATOR / WEARRUG crossover adventure done for the winter season. Other possible products are a Witch-Burning Era setting for West End Games' Paranoia, and a set of rules for Live Action Vampire Staking using Stellar Games' Nightlife as an example. Also, the complimentary supplement to WearRug, the BEST-AT is being worked on at odd moments.

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