jIg nOIr mELt -- who's responsible?

Well, if you want something official looking:
Editor: Meera Barry
Assistant Editor: What?  Someone else to help?
Managing Editor:  Wish we knew.
Publisher: jIg nOIr mELt Productions
Art Director: Meera Barry
Production Director: Meera Barry
Marketing Director: Meera Barry
Advertising Coordinator: Meera Barry
Classified Advertising Manager: Meera Barry
Authors: Meera Barry,
         K. Mark Lintz,
         Dirk, the Antichrist
         Samantha The Evil Toddler
High Priest of Mortijingle: K. Mark Lintz
Virgin Sacrifice: Position Open

JNM-mnj is published almost bimonthly with special issues never.

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j n m ( m n j )
"Life is one long process of getting tired."
--attributed to Samuel Butler