[A Picture of Our Critic]

Transcribed and Interpretated by K. M. Lintz

It's been a while since we've done a Sam's Slams. She has more hair now, but she's not much taller. Anyway, we at jnm(MNJ) brought Armageddon and The Babylon Project to run by her; the first at least originally from Myrmidon Press, the latter at least originally from Chameleon Eclectic.


Sammy was quite taken by this book. I originally took her through it first in steps of about 5 to 10 pages at a turn, mostly having her look at the art. No go. Do not meddle with the power of the Terrible Two. She made me go through it backwards one page at a time, watching like a hungry gargoyle to make sure I didn't try to skip any. Then she made me go through it again, forwards. After that I tried thwipping through it fast, like a flip-book, but while the breeze was nice, that otherwise resulted in a grey blur. It was hard to tell what she was so taken by. I suspect it was the art; almost every page-turning brings a new picture. She traced her fingers a bit over the pages written in all italics, but as her lips didn't move, and she didn't seem to make any bad latin incantations, I had to figure it was just appreciation for the font.

I do recall she seemed especially intrigued by the pictures of people with wings. Most of these were angelic. Knowing Sam, she was probably just studying the enemy. Eventually, bored with the prospect of actual study, she hopped off my lap and went off to pick socks up on the floor. Socks are fuzzy and unlike books, you can actually wear them.


To be perfectly honest, I don't think Sam was actually, technically, present when I looked through this one. I expect she would have liked the all-color nature of it, but I sure don't. The pages have no backbone. The whole book just kind of flops around while you're trying to read it. Frankly, the challenge of holding a squirming 2-year-old's attention with a squirming book was just too much to contemplate. So, there you are.

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j n m ( m n j )
"Remember how I said I was going to run our bishop down
into the dungeon a bit to get him a few levels up so he could identify things better?
Well, I ran into one fight, and, um, well, we've got a 75th level bishop now."
"That was as high as it would go after 4 million experience points."
-- LintKing and MaBarry phone discussion