Today's PrimeTime Program Guide

Roadkill with Gourmet
4:30 PM
Today: Backyard Bonanza!
Featured recipes: Juggernaut for All of July, Century Ferret in a Second, Buttered Green Things from Outer Space.

Call In With C'thulhu
5:00 PM
Today: C'thulhu Devours!

Rigger Racing Finals
5:30 PM
The Denver area plugs in and starts the engines in this exciting race to the finish!

News at 6!
6:00 PM

Gnome Improvement
6:30 PM
The solution to running out of mana in Yue Bippie? MORE POWER!

Universe's Funniest
First Contacts!

7:00 PM

Heroes Unmasked

7:30 PM
More interviews with and secret origins of...(Part 2 of 3)

8:00 PM
Angelcake's friend Askelon Falls for the impish charm of Japhet. Will the Malakim reveal her nature to catch the demon?

Movie: Black Tots II:
Baby's Back!

9:00 PM
In this sequel to Black Tots, the Baby Ops make more pint-sized trouble for the Grey Grubs and other spawn of alien visitors! (Edited for TV)

Vulture Sector
11:00 PM
More trouble with Troubleshooters. Hygiene patrol nets plaque.

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