LINKS...and things

We're back! We're up and running! (In some cases, more like running, ducking, and grinning...) And, here are some places we think that, well, if you liked ANY of our stuff, you might like these!

Critical Miss

Yeah, you'll like it. Just give in.


Seems like any creature can get an in on the shapeshifter ticket these days...

Purple Prince of Sweetness: Barney?

Be very afraid.

Ever wondered what those little page-turning icons we use are?
This might be informative.
(If we were feeling really creative, we'd work in a rude noise every time you used one.)


Hours of morbid enjoyment!


Our Words of Wonder writer has gone to Wales...weally...I mean, really. But we did get this dropped in the collective mailbox, just to whet your whistle...

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j n m ( m n j )
"Repetition makes everything funnier."
"No, really. Repetition makes everything funnier."
"I heard somewhere, that repetition made everything funnier."
"Yeah, it's true. Repetition makes everything funnier."
"Unless it makes it annoying."
"Yeah, that, too."