I'm a monster slayer, at heart, in my gut...but I couldn't give you too much of an ex-spleenation. It's just something I do. I don't seem to have any sinister birthmarks, I was never bequeathed any mystical weapons of slaying, nor did I take the "How to kill a slavering nasty in sixteen seconds or less," correspondence course. (I wasn't convinced of the teacher's credentials.)

I consider it a public service. I'm a bit of a general practitioner at it, one of those, "I see it! I kill it!" kind of monster slayers. I'm not a specialist in demons, although I admire Shotgun Mary's work. I do have, however, a fondness for the most noble, the most grand of all monster killers: the vampire slayer.

Why Vampires, you ask? Because they're foul, and nasty. Fetid and tepid. Ick, ick, yuck. I try to arrange my house so I'm never far from a possible stake in killing a vamp. Killing demons may be good for the soul, but killing vampires is a must for all humanity.

In light of that most famous of vampire slayers, I offer you this Path set in Feng Shui terms. We like to call it: "Buffy-do."

Stake Tartar Chi Cost: 2 Shot Cost: 2

On a successful Martial Arts task check, you can render a pesky bloodsucker immobile by feeding him a foot length of sharpened wood. Every 3 shots the vampire can make a Strength task check with your Martial Arts Action Value as the difficulty, to break free and pull out the splinter. Pulling out the stake will take at least one shot, even if you just passively dodge (at which point you will be assumed to not be holding the vampire down.)

Prerequisite: none Path: I Said A Blood Lite
I Said A Blood Lite Chi Cost: 2 Shot Cost: 0

Immediately after you are attacked in hand-to-hand combat by a wretched undead hemophiliac, you may respond with a simultaneous attack. This has no effect on your current shot.

Stake Tartar
Path: Fangs for the Memories
Fangs for the Memories Chi Cost: X Shot Cost: 2

If a successful strike is made against a Dracula-imitator, with your bare hands or any non-signature wood weapon, the opponent is prevented from using one magic or creature-specific ability until the end of the sequence. The cost in Chi is the cost of the power of the opponent.

I Said A Blood Lite
Path: Coffin It Up
Coffin It Up Chi Cost: 5 Shot Cost: 6

If another individual has been possibly infected by a vampire, you can use this ability to prevent infection. Make a Martial Arts check against the vampire's Creature Power skill. If it fails, make a mutation check for yourself, adding the amount of difference between success and failure to the difficulty.

Fangs for the Memories
Path: My Little Sunshine
My Little Sunshine Chi Cost: 9 Shot Cost: 0

When you successfully strike at a vampire with a Martial Arts check, you may elect not to do damage to him.. immediately. Instead, an area with the opponent as its center is plunged into sunlight until the end of the sequence. The area has a radius in meters equal to your Outcome. Unless the vamp is somehow immune to sunshine, after the first shot, give them appropriate damage.

Coffin It Up

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