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As per last month, positions really haven't changed. Assisted by many authors, artists, and auditors, we could still use YOU!

 [ Photo of LintKing ]

K. Mark Lintz is made up of 12% cat lover, 11% humourous intentions, 10% obstinancy, 9% pure RPG player, 8% political ambition, 7% Nightlife fan, 7% submissive, 7% femme, 6% mindhealer, 5% cohort & lover, 5% romantic, 5% just plain silly, 5% ego, 3% assassin, and 2% kinky.

The LintKing (as he's commonly referred to) promotes the cause of Mortijingle, writes the parodies, contributes a number of articles, and is generally supportive of the effort.

 [ Photo of MaBarry ]

Meera Barry is made up of 12% malarky, 11% undirected good intentions, 10% Templar defender and overall cat lover, 9% directed evil intentions, 8% tendency to want to do everything, 7% pure Amber GM, 7% Nightlife fan, 6% preacher, 6% irascibility, 6% neuroses, 5% pure sex drive, 4% a little bit of rock and roll, 4% sugar and spice, mostly spice, 3% trivia-hound, and 2% big sister.

Meera Barry (or MaBarry) edits, writes, HTMLizes and invents. She cannot whistle. She normally has no beard, but has considered growing one to minimize the effect of the horns.

Lapsus Linguae is a cat, and therefore made up of 15% naps, 15% looking good, 15% staying up in high places, 10% pouncing on things that move, 10% shedding, 10% trolling for treats, 5% making sure cat lovers can't move because he looks comfortable, 5% staring interestedly at the bath, 5% having feather dusters be his indomitable enemy, 5% addiction to McDonald's fries, 3% purring, and 2% just being cute.

Templar Night is yet another cat, and therefore made up of 15% naps, 15% tearing around the house like something possessed, 10% playing with ribbons and other kittycat toys, 10% clawing at something he shouldn't, 10% pouncing on anything that moves, 10% being smelly, 10% drooling and purring at night, 5% being terrified of the bathtub and anything in it, 5% annoying Lapsus, 5% trying so hard to be a good cat even if he's all black, 3% shedding on anything light, and 2% just being weird.

Wyrdwoman insists on remaining mysterious.

A. C. Wadsworth is made up of 12% L. Carroll's Through the Looking Glass, 11% Gilbert and Sullivan (just in general), 10% Thurber's The Thirteen Clocks, 9% B. Watterson's "Calvin and Hobbes", 8% S. Jackson's We Have Always Lived in the Castle, 8% K. Gordon's The Transitive Vampire, 7% Shakespeare's "Midsummer Night's Dream", 6% Shakespeare's "Macbeth", 6% confusion, 6% U. Eco's Foucault's Pendulum, 6% D. Adam's Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, 6% mystery, and 5% critical shyness.

B. Thorne (better known as Dirk) is made up of 12% "Hmmm...wonder how easy it is to pick me out of a crowd as the obvious AntiChrist...?", 11% " ...and don't mention King of Pain's 'male adaptor', please...gives me fear-induced shivers...", 10% "Hmmm...you seem to forget that the Romans were crucifying people left and right. So, why would they just let the victims keep the crosses? Waste of tree, if you ask me.", 10% "And on top of it all, it's got one-liners from here to there <pointing somewhere>.", 9% "...I get the Deadly damage, self-mobile, horde (or ubiquitous) quantity, slightly intelligent banana peels next Throne War...", 8%" Actually, I had a couple aliens try to pull me out of my window with one of those funny paralysis/levitation beams. However, they were too drunk to realize that I've got a screen on the window, and so, after bumping my head into it for a good hour and a half, finally gave up and left. Think the parking meter ran out." , 8% "All I can think about is all the places to stick the apple... " 8%" There's something about pressing the barrel of a gun to a penguin's forehead that tends to make them hand over the pineapples. Teach them to hide all the fruits from me." 8%"Of *course* I have other hobbies. Otherwise I'd be a gamer nerd. Nyah. Oh, yeah. They'd be playing bass guitar/guitar, computers in general, stalking (er...forget that one), and disguising myself as a tree.", 8% "Lucky for you I'll probably procrastinate enough to not actually become World Emperor..." and a final 8% "Blue tank top, helium balloon....you don't forget the helium balloon, ever."



The 'Minions' for all the Quotes (Saint Raven, Gorto the First in Warfare, Dirk the Antichrist, Brant the Indomitable, Kingslayer the Character Maker), all of you who were waiting so patiently, Qarre for picking up "Romancing the Stone" even if I still haven't gotten everything to him, Mike Eckles for joining the Minions, finally, and for indulging me in a few Throne Wars, Marshall Barry for, well, all that stuff, Templar for just being Templar, Lapsus because he isn't Templar, and he's cute besides, the IRPS regulars, Corsairs Anonymous, and, um, all of you I've still forgot.

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