jIg nOIr mELt? What's That?

What does jig noir melt mean? WHAT does jig noir melt mean? Are you asking ME what jig noir melt means?

No? Why not? I'd be the one to ask - I made it up. You'd think I'd have an explanation. Of course, that's just what they'd be expecting...hmmm...

But, alright. I'll give it away, because it's not a trade secret or anything.

"Jig", of course, is a dance. Not just any dance, but a cheerful little energetic dance.

"Noir" means black, a color often enough associated with death - it also refers to a particularly depressing style of artsy film, usually with subtitles and usually not making any more sense with them than it might have without.

"Melt" is the key - not only does it make it a proper anagram of Mortijingle, but it blends the two together. A cheerful black little energetic dance of death, without subtitles but not always making sense anyway.

So there.

I did TOO have an explanation. <flounce>

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j n m ( m n j )
"Trust YOU? After you broke into my room
and filled my favourite vase with SOUP?"
-- Princess Daquiri