The Ingredients List

This month's issue has been designed under the influence of:

"Inorganic Chemistry", lots of various XTC and Dead Can Dance albums, the Minions, the Radio Station That Cannot Be Named, the "Betcha Can't Say *HASTUR* Three Times Fast," cult and burger joint, wafts of Templar's odor and some of his drooling, the burbles of baby sisters, Kyria's "I'm so funny I could eat a whole elephant," laughter spree, late-night attempts to lecherize (frighten through lecherous means) the waitress and having "stud" by someone through the flirting years, In Nomine by Steve Jackson Games, and of course, Underground by Mayfair Games, the idea of mixing "the X-files" with Prestidigitator by jIg nOIr mELt Productions and Delta Green by Chaosium, as well as a few brief brushes with anime, two trips to that new Greek place we found, fatigue, insomnia, and don't eat your zinc additive on an empty stomach.

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j n m ( m n j )
"A ballista rarely sneezes." -- Gorto