jIg nOIr mELt?

Welcome to our second issue of madness, meihem, and malarky. We're big on the malarky this issue, little on the madness, and running about even on the meihem. Must be leftovers from May, ahem, ahem...

We've spritzed up our pages a little. Added some colours, pictures, the like. I think this is about as graphical as we're going to get, though... although we may be opening up a "Paladin of Mortijingle" comic strip which will be fun to translate for those readers of ours who do not utilize graphics.

Our links have been checked, but have not particularly suffered any great updates. Suggest your favourite funny page, either religious or gaming related...and we'll credit you if you'd like.

Oh, one important note that you wouldn't get if you skipped this. Don't just use the index. There's all sorts of treats inside waiting for you if you go through, turning "pages" of a sort. Secret pages not revealed in the index. With poetry, funny gaming quotes...good stuff. If you have graphics, use the jestersticks. Otherwise, follow the arrows.

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j n m ( m n j )
"Gambling is a sin." (NPC)
"Wanna bet?" -- Kingslayer