About M. T. Fierce

Once upon a time there was a… oh, who am I kidding?

I am a (third generation, raising a fourth) female gamer. I was once mistakenly president of IRPS (International RolePlaying Society) until I was thankfully ousted. I used to write for the RPG Times, and I’d really like to find out where my “MaBarry’s Amusings” stuff was archived. Hmmm. I maintain very occasional blogging on gaming. I used to have a regular humour column at RPG.NET back when it was cool. (I also maintained their humour gaming links.) Someday I may log in again. Also, that ineffable someday, K. M. Lintz and I will be hard at work doing the first issue of this millenium for Jig Noir Melt’s Magazine of Nefarious Jocularity, our very defunct and almost funny gaming … thing. When I’m not thinking about work or school, I’m probably thinking about gaming. I have an AD&D first edition game I inherited from my father, and I dabble in everything else, except I have been told that if I get a divorce, all I get to take with me is the RIFTS collection. (pout) I claim my favourite game is Nightlife. I can use the term “sandbox” non-ironically. I occasionally write gaming poetry (although most of what poetry I write these days is about dirty weasels – ask me how!), and even though everyone says I’m the wicked one, I somehow end up playing paladins.